I am presently the owner of Animal House Pet Grooming. I have been a groomer for over 30 years. I know that finding a groomer you can trust, one that truly enjoys working with your pet, can be a daunting task. I have known Dan Hoover for over 20 years. When Dan moved to Kansas City he worked with my mother for some time. My mother has groomed for over 45 years and provided the highest quality grooming north of the Missouri river. Dan absolutely provides the same quality service. I purchased a grooming salon in the early 90’s that Dan had laid a solid foundation for. The grooming salon is thriving in the Johnson County area to this day. Dan’s show dog experience of grooming various breeds makes him a leader in the industry. Let’s face it, your pet has two locations he frequently visits the vet and the groomer. Both experiences need to be positive and peaceful.

Sherri Skaggs

Animal House, 816-455-2818

I have been a practicing veterinarian for about 25 years. I have had the experience to work in multiple states and multiple practices. Over the years I have seen a lot of groomers come and go. Because of Dan Hoover’s popular reputation it has forced him to operate from two locations. I feel fortunate he has chosen my clinic for his second location. Since I have had the opportunity to see many groomers over the years, I can tell you without hesitation Dan sets himself apart from his competition. Not Only is he an expert on all breed designs, he is the kindest and most understanding individual to your family pet.

Dr Paul W. Slyter DVM

Bonnor Springs Animal Hospital, 913-422-2055

Since I met Dan Hoover at Captain Creek Ranch, we have been referring clients to him for their pet’s grooming needs. He has vast experience in this field and our unsolicited feedback has always been positive.

Dr. Ron Lee, DVM

Eudora Animal Clinic, 785-542-3265

I am the youngest of six sisters. We all grew up in the grooming industry. My mother and all of us have a collective experience accumulation of over 150 years. We groom approximately 30 to 40 dogs a day, and employ several groomers. I can tell you that once in a rare occasion you will see a groomer with the X factor. That is someone whom has that extra artistic ability that sets himself apart from anyone else in the industry. Dan Hoover has the X factor.

Jacki B. Edward

American Pet HairPort, 816-436-8513

My name is Teri Aalders, I am the current owner of Empire Pets Salon and Boutique in Mission, Ks. Dan Hoover founded Empire Pets approximately 20 years ago. He developed the business from the beginning to help it flourish for nearly 10 years. Dan has always presented high quality professional grooming and great customer service. Hand scissors work is his specialty as well as breed specific grooming. Dan is an excellent choice for the most discriminate pet owner.

Teri Aalders

Empire Pets Owner

I have known Dan Hoover at Captain Creek Ranch for several years. Dan has a wealth of knowledge and experience in dog handling, training and grooming on both the personal and professional levels. I would not hesitate to leave one of my own pets in Dan’s capable hands.

Natalee L. Beck, DVM

Veterinary Relief Services, 913-269-1146

I have been referring clients for grooming to Dan Hoover for several years. I have only heard positive feedback about his grooming in all cases. Dan is a professional quality groomer.

Dr. George Schreiner DVM

Eudora Animal Hospital, 785-542-3265

I have known Dan Hoover for over 20 years. He is an experienced groomer who always has provided the highest quality grooming services to his clients.

Dr. Russ W. Erickson DVM

Mission Animal Clinic, 913-432-3341

I am the former owner of Pet Purrfections in Overland Park, KS. Prior to opening Pet Perrfections, I attended Dan Hoover’s grooming school, “The Empire School of Dog Grooming”. I received a solid foundation to compete in the market place. While attending grooming school I quickly learned of Dan’s serious commitment to his craft. The care he provides to his grooming and boarding clients is unprecedented. My business was located in the same county as Dan’s. I would often times refer clients to Dan for specialized breed specific designs. My business was very successful, with gratitude to Dan for giving me a solid foundation. If you are a discriminate pet owner with high concern for your pets well being, and desire high quality grooming. Captain Creek Ranch is definitely your best choice.

Denise Bradley

Pet Perrfections, 913-963-5192

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