All-breed grooming school

Dan Hoover, owner and instructor, is a 1983 graduate of The New York School Of Dog Grooming. Dan has a wide range of knowledge and expertise grooming all breeds of dogs. This intense grooming course is a 12 week hands on program that moves at your pace with an emphasis on scissor work. Tuition includes all hand tools needed for grooming that the student will take with them upon graduation. Housing is available at an additional cost for our out of state students.   


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"The best decision I ever made was deciding to learn a trade that I could do and make a great living for myself being self-employed. I decided to learn from one of the most talented and respected instructors in the grooming business. Dan Hoover has had many years of experience in the grooming world. He not only taught me how to groom but also how to pay attention to detail and how specific breed trims should be done properly. He really taught me how to work efficiently and instilled a great amount of work ethic into my training program. Furthermore, he has a very broad clientele base and provided me with a variety of breeds to work on. Overall Dan is a great instructor and is a lot of fun to learn and work with!" - Lacy Roberts


"If you’re considering grooming dogs for a living, learn to do it correctly. I did and it was one of the smartest decisions I've ever made. My name is Denise and I was a student of Dan Hoover several years ago. I went to grooming school knowing I was going to learn a skill, and I was going to learn it the right way! I had checked into several different options to get pet grooming skills and this was the best choice. I didn't have to spend months working for someone, waiting for them to teach me using hands-on techniques. I greatly appreciated that all of my equipment was included in the cost of my tuition as well. Dan will teach you all that is needed to be a success. I have now worked out of vet clinics, owned and operated my own pet grooming business for seven years, and have traveled for grooming needs.  I currently work from home I am able to work around my children's activities’, which has proven this profession to be one with job security and flexibility.” - Denise Janssen Bradley


"Years ago I made the decision to go to grooming school because I really wanted to work with animals. I was lucky enough to find Dan Hoover as my mentor. I learned so much from Dan over the period of time that I was in school with him and continued to learn from him even after I graduated. Dan provided a fun and highly skilled level of grooming with a wide variety of breeds that has served me well all these years. Dan taught me to take pride in my work and not take short cuts like many "chop shop" groomers do. I learned to really listen to what the clients want/expect and developed the ability to provide it. I became educated in breeds I had never seen until coming to Dan's school and again, this served me well both in my shop and the shows. Dan aided in helping me find my first job after graduating and when I out grew that job, he again helped me to find a new position. Years later he was still available for advice and support when I started my own grooming shop. Dan and I have become friends through the years and when my niece came to me and wanted to learn to groom there was no question where I wanted her to go to do so. Only time will tell if he'll make it to the NEXT generation!" - Amy Kessler